On new year's day I went to the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto.

This year's new year's day I went to Kyoto.

It is my first time to come to Kyoto because at this time had gone every summer in Fukushima.

That spot very popular in Kyoto Fushimi Inari Taisha, destination.

(Decided on the previous day.(^^)/ )

For new year's day, highway and train unexpectedly vacant, and a smooth trip!

And then again,!




Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine

And the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto?

The head temple of the Inari Shrine in the country.

Power spot of luck and prosperity, and worshippers are fourth most in Japan so far.

Also as a foreigner it is popular.

This time, I came for the first time.

I've come this far, I spend too much time in the Uji byoudouin hououdou was going on two years ago, but time lost.


And the Inari District

Inari is the Toyotomi Hideyoshi pacified a warring States period was thinking and in the capital region.

As a result, the shogunate was opened in Edo at the hands of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Place between Osaka and Kyoto in the old days was a great weight was land.



Up to the Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine area and has been taking.

Pray for the first time, the first was surprised at how many people.

He died came up near the entrance of the first Torii was going to live in the Kanto, so accustomed to many of the people in the matrix, it is massaged in the crowd has been.



Like it was part of making matrix due to congestion and are wondering what's wrong.Though foreigners don't know anything?You can press from a pounding behind.

Matrix is parking a big detour, snaking along the way.

It took about an hour?I was able to safely enter.


And the crowd at twelve in America would not go well.It is moderately busy.

The nokyo-sho!

Nokyo-sho here is 300 yen.So far other than they are.(But not yet attracting only about 10.)

Always forget temple at a lot, but I won't forget this year.

It is the main hall of the shrine.Here is the WOW was so crowded at the entrance as well.

Lined up about 40 minutes in here?We could somehow get the donation.

Should be good!

Entrance to the room because it was such a calm day lined up for a long time here, but it is new year's day warm, no wind.

To be consulted as well, had a fortune here.

Well as usual the matrix is.

 What is a "Fortune phase NAO".

Good, bad?Knowing very well.It is not simple luck or misfortune.

To proceed to the evil character well.



It is so far from here is the famous Torii there.

It takes a long time, and followed up on the mountain.This year new year's day, so briefly up along the way.


1000 really is?And wanted to say few people are walking near.

In fact, 1,000 is not.

By the way, had become 1/1/2017 established the first Torii.

On new year's Eve in a hurry, stood for I wonder?


Funny karu石

This is "funny karu石" is.

Make a wish, 持chiagemasu stone.

The stone is heavy and hard, true wish light and easy-to-true is a thing.

As I have tried, but weight was.Which is in this case? 


Is like a Fox made key achievements.It is admirable.    

Well here is the end new year's day.

I try to explore Kyoto and back.


Fortune results

And find out later that "Fortune phase NAO' Fortune is not so good as it is.

And 17 kinds of Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine sacred lot


Great luck ⇒ daikichi ⇒ evil after luck ⇒ evil after his ⇒ end of daikichi ⇒ Sueyoshi ⇒ directed daikichi ⇒ Gil ⇒ chukitsu ⇒ fortunes ⇒ small evil after his ⇒ after Gil ⇒ Fortune still: at the end of daikichi ⇒ 不分 Fortune Sueyoshi ⇒ Fortune phase half ⇒ Fortune phase transportation steampunk ⇒ Fortune phase NAO

The order's.

The last.

Yet anyway;

I had good riddance at Meiji Jingu Shrine just phoned.



Is kinda sloppy, but bought a souvenir Torii.

While is was in Ebisu, bird-like (^ ^) /

I tried to rebuild the.

Or start a wood craft is in preparation.


Inari vaudeville

 In that way, "キックボクシングジムミツヤケーズホーリージム" was doing the "vaudeville".

So I don't know who is, but a little tired as I have seen.

While about 8 percent is local.It will not this well away from people or foreign.

Advanced elementary school fun, while very friendly.

I never told even Ikebukuro vaudeville, vaudeville Inari go (^ ^) /

Soon as possible and not even vaudeville in Ikebukuro.

Or rather, why such a small ring of?




Return the Gion around a home.


At last

As our last new year's day this year, but was told by Fortune

"Between good luck and misfortune. Too see the world so sweet to others utonnze to self reflection and all things modesty is important, there are no signs. 」

This was the day that sticks into the chest.


That have been prepared by and gets very crowded new was as expected.

Half was more than foreigners.

This year's specially.
End this year safely < (_ _) "


More, thank you for reading to the end.



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