A happy new year.(2017)

A happy new year!

Thank you again this year.




Looking back on the last year

Last year,

The first overseas business trip

-Start of the blog

And commuting to the EON

-Goods stores

-F1 watch

Is started, there was a lot.

Had this misfortune was good these safely.(^^)/

It is thanks to the exorcism in the Meiji Jingu Shrine.

Thank you very much.


Looking back on last year, if anything was happening,

-The first overseas

-Start of the blog

For it is 2 points.

The life has changed significantly.


First of all, English study time increased significantly.

Thanks to allow read/write little.(Listening is still not sure.)


Also can review the pictures later started writing a blog blog influence, only taking photos ever taken, but was saved on your computer, and then increased.

And, taking the two photos not seeing people as far as possible suspected wife private photos take pictures and blog.

I want to learn can take better pictures.


Goal of the year

Went to Fukushima and new year holidays end of year recently, this year's new year's day is going to Kyoto for the first time.

I went to the spot in Kyoto, when you want to get power.


The goal of the year

-Continuation of the blog

-Continuation of the leather craft

Wood craft

Such as you intend.


At last

Write on the blog at the end of this year was a good year and be nice.

In private life and work can be enhanced as we will work hard.


More than a thank you.





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